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Lectures on reducing food waste for restaurants

60-90 min


Lecture on Food Waste A review of what food waste is, why it occurs, and why we need to work on processes to reduce food waste in the business. We teach methods to reduce food waste within the different categories of kitchen waste, plate waste, and serving waste. We also discuss the global and local impact of food waste on the environment and climate.

Lecture on Food Waste: 2 This lecture provides a theoretical review of how we can reduce food waste using various cooking and serving methods. We highlight successful examples from other businesses and share experiences among the participants. We also emphasize the impact of food waste on kitchen economics and the actual climate cost. Lecture: 2 begins with a recap of the content from Lecture: 1.


  • To reduce the climate impact and enhance the resource efficiency of your business.


  • Reduce food waste

  • Implement effective methods to prevent food waste

  • Improve waste management

  • Lower procurement costs

  • Enhance food quality

  • Empower chefs and meal staff as agents of change for sustainable development


Lina Andersson Fasth

Lina serves as the Head of Training at Generation Waste. She was among the first
"Måltidspedagoger" in Sweden and holds a teaching degree in restaurant education at the high
school level.

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Lina Andersson Fasth
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