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Poppels Citybryggeri begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Happy New Year and good news!

Poppels Citybryggeri begins collaboration with Generation Waste

We are all responsible for reducing food waste, working for a better climate and saving our planet.

Many restaurants have already started working with Generation Waste to reduce food waste and are receiving excellent feedback from our application and services.

New is our collaboration with Poppels Citybryggeri. Poppels Citybryggeri is a unique food and beer experience in central Gothenburg, with the world's largest oak barrel-based pilsner brewery. 170 seats and own brewery, where the beer is pumped from the fermentation tank to the serving tank. A city brewery.

Poppels Bryggeri is a small brewery with a great love for the craft, which is both one of Sweden's largest craft breweries with two own restaurants.

''Poppel's Citybryggeri wants to minimize its food waste and it feels great to get help from Generation Waste. It is only when the food waste is weighed and measured that we really understand how much, and what, is thrown away. At Poppels, it is important to do what we can to make as small a footprint as possible. This includes things like brewing and cooking very organically, using renewable energy, climate-smart packaging and recirculating waste products. At our Citybryggeri, we want to work with a circular mindset, lots of green on the menu and minimize our waste. There, Generation Waste's great knowledge and commitment will be very valuable for our sustainability work,'' says Magnus Pettersson, Marketing Manager, Poppel's brewery.

Through the collaboration with Generation Waste, Poppels Citybryggeri hopes to get a better overview of how much food is actually thrown away in their restaurants. They hope, with the help of the statistics generated by Generation Waste, to be able to reduce food waste and increase awareness among their employees.

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