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Göteborgsfamilj begins cooperation with Generation Waste

Organic rooftop gardens, biogas in the kitchens and electric scooters for the staff are just some of the many examples that make the Gothenburg family pioneers when it comes to sustainability work in the restaurant industry. Now they start a collaboration with the company Generation Waste and take another step in a sustainable direction.

Göteborgsfamilj  begins cooperation with Generation Waste

The Gothenburg family was early on the ball when it comes to sustainability work. Already in 2012, they scrapped cash completely and since then a series of other efforts have been made to save on the environment. Now the pace of work is increased further and yet another collaboration begins, this time with the intention of gaining better control over their food waste.

- The climate threat is the biggest challenge the planet faces and therefore we are now increasing the pace of our climate work further together with Generation Waste. We think it seems to be an excellent tool to get even better control over our food waste, says Tobias Hamberg, CEO of the Gothenburg family.

Through the collaboration with Generation Waste, the Gothenburg family hopes to get a better overview of how much food is actually thrown away in their restaurants. They hope, with the help of the statistics generated by Generation Waste, to be able to reduce food waste and increase awareness among their employees.

- We hope to reach an increased understanding among the kitchens of how much food is actually thrown away. In addition to this, we also want to reach an increased awareness of overproduction, says Marcus Larsson, F&B manager Göteborgsfamiljen

But the measuring tool Generation Waste offers has no effect unless all of the kitchen staff are on board. Everyone in the staff must get involved and work together towards the same goal.

- If you have decided to cooperate with us, then the will to change is already there. Given that the Gothenburg family is already working with sustainability on so many levels, this will not be such a big change in their routines, announces Daniel Oddhammar, CEO Generation Waste

The Gothenburg family group, which includes Yaki Da, Taverna Averna and Made in China, continues, through the collaboration with Generation Waste, to act as a leader in sustainability. Hopefully, they can inspire other players in the restaurant industry to also start thinking about the environment and act accordingly. The climate-wise CEO Tobias Hamberg finally offers some advice for restaurants that want to start working more sustainably.

- Set long-term goals and don't start with everything at once, a Requirements Marking is a good way to start the whole thing.

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