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Workshop for reduced food waste

Form: workshops
The day ends with a small lunch
Target group: chefs and meal assistants
Time: half day

Workshop for reduced food waste

1) Waste-smart menus
Description: How do we reduce the risk of food waste occurring, what routines are needed? We work based on your menus with a waste-smart planning method for increased meal quality and reduced food costs.
Objective: To share tips with each other, think creatively, and find mouth-watering dishes.

2) Kitchen inspiration - cookshop
Description: Generations Waste demonstrates a food waste-inspired cookshop and prepares waste-reducing dishes from leftovers. The kitchen staff has the opportunity to ask questions, taste, reflect and discuss.
Goal: To challenge and inspire the kitchen staff

3) Serving:
Description: How can we nudge and help the guest in the serving/buffet?
Goal: to minimize plate waste

4) Communication
Description: The participants are divided into smaller groups to discuss, develop and reflect on internal and external communication for reduced food waste with the support of Generation Waste.
Objective: Gain an understanding of the importance of effective communication, service, and hospitality in the meal assignment. Set a plan for external communication and find routines for internal communication.

The right conditions for a good course
We send a shopping list and utensils list in good time.

For the training, we need:
● a larger restaurant kitchen with a central kitchen bench from which we can demonstrate
● support from a helper from your businesses - no prior knowledge is required
● two weekly menus from your businesses in 8 copies
● paper and pencils for the workshop
● possibility to show a presentation in a dining room/classroom/conference room
● access to coffee and fruit/sandwiches at the beginning of the day and during the afternoon

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