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Watma Education begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Watma Education is an education provider that has both primary schools, secondary schools and adult education in various places in Sweden. Fria Läroverken and Nordic International School are some of the schools under their umbrella.

Watma Education begins collaboration with Generation Waste

In connection with the start of school in August, six of the schools within Watma will start weighing and measuring their food waste in the school kitchen. The schools already work today with an ordering system where students order what they want to eat every day via an app. A big advantage of their current ordering system is that the kitchens only need to order raw materials according to the student's wishes - In this way, the schools minimize the margin of error on how much food is to be prepared. Watma Education's goal is to become one of the best organizations in working to reduce food waste in school kitchens.

Want to get a good overview of their kitchens
Patrick Hallbäck, who is the operations manager for the kitchen and canteen at Watma Education, says that he appreciates the simplicity of using Generation Waste's measuring tool. Since he is responsible for several kitchens around southern Sweden, the tool allows him to easily follow and analyze the daily wastage in his operations. With Generations Waste's measurement tool, he also hopes to increase the schools' understanding of their food waste and how it affects the climate.

Everyone has a responsibility
Patrick believes that the school restaurants have a great responsibility to be at the forefront and actively work with sustainability issues to save the environment. He hopes that training for kitchen staff as well as principals, educators, and parents will lead to an increased understanding of how they can actively contribute to reducing food waste.

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