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Nordrest begins collaboration with GW - "Want to have the aha experience"

Nordrest works to reduce the environmental burden through continuous improvement with a holistic perspective on food, people, and the environment. Among other things, it is stated in their environmental policy that they must measure waste and food waste regularly. This is where the Generation Waste measurement tool should come into use.

Nordrest begins collaboration with GW - "Want to have the aha experience"

Nordrest is a pure restaurant company that was founded in 2013. The business consists of restaurant and café operations for companies, property owners, hospitals, schools, and care for the elderly. Among other things, Nordrest runs operations for Volvo, where the collaboration with Generation Waste is now to be tested. Initially, the measurement tool will begin to be used at the Balansen, Palletten, Highway, and Träffpunkten restaurants.

- We want to collaborate with Generation Waste both to map where our waste occurs and also to gain knowledge and inspiration to be able to work differently and think in new ways. We hope that both staff and guests will have some aha experiences regarding how much is thrown away, says Madeleine Fall, HR, and Sustainability at Nordrest.

Knowledge among the employees is a key

Nordrest's goals regarding sustainability include a. to reduce the amount of wastage, but also reducing the number of animals and increasing the proportion of vegetables, and setting requirements down the supply chain regarding animal welfare and ecological and social sustainability. A key to succeeding in their sustainability work, Madeleine believes, is to involve the staff.

-Sustainability officers and management can make decisions about which measures are to be implemented, but it is the employees in the respective operations who must implement them. Then it is important that both chefs and other restaurant staff have knowledge of why, and that they are inspired and learn to use their creativity in the right way, says Madeleine Fall.

Daniel Oddhammar is hopeful after having been out at Volvo on several occasions to train the staff and observe the work in the kitchen.

-After having been out and visited Nordrest's restaurants out on Volvo, I am convinced that we can be of great use when it comes to raising awareness and contributing to education. We take on this assignment with great enthusiasm and hope it can lead to Nordrest throwing away less food.

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