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Järfälla municipality begins cooperation with Generation Waste

Järfälla municipality takes new heights in its sustainability work.

Järfälla municipality begins cooperation with Generation Waste

Järfälla in northwest Stockholm is one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Sweden. Järfälla municipality has measured its food waste within the high school, and primary school every week since 2020.

Järfälla municipality's collaboration on Generation Waste

"We sought an inspirational lecture on how to further reduce food waste. Generation Waste offered a well-thought-out approach in two parts that looks at the whole. We hope that the collaboration with Generation Waste will lead to inspiration, knowledge, and tools to reduce food waste and make diners happy," says Susanne Agervret Strömbäck, Nutrition Consultant, Child and Youth Administration, Järfälla municipality.

Generation Waste is constantly working to produce educational and inspirational webinars aimed at chefs and restaurant staff to provide concrete tools to reduce food waste.

The training we bought should be aimed primarily at kitchen staff in schools, preschools, and care for the elderly, but also at teaching staff such as principals and managers in care for the elderly, says Susanne Agervret Strömbäck.

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