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Harrys Restauranger in Ljungby takes up cooperation with Generation Waste

Generation Waste began a collaboration with Harry's Restauranger in 2019. Harry's chain has for some time now had ambitions to develop its sustainability work and work for more hands-on to make a difference. Harry's franchisee and management then saw that a digital measurement tool would be a good way to make food waste visible.

Harrys Restauranger in Ljungby takes up cooperation with Generation Waste

Harrys in Gothenburg was the first restaurant to implement the measurement tool. When more Harry's Restaurants connect to the system, you will also be able to compare results between the restaurants. Being able to encourage and compete against each other in reducing food waste can make a big difference. They changed their lunch menu with fewer dishes and made some adjustments to the evening menu. That together with the collaboration with Generations Waste meant that they reduced their raw material cost by about 2%.

At the beginning of 2020, Generation Waste started a collaboration with Hotel Terazza and Harrys in Ljungby, which is housed on the same premises. The collaboration had just started when the pandemic hit, so the whole project had to be put on hold. Just like for most in the industry, there have been tough times, but now Harrys in Ljungby with its owners Ola and Pär Hansson have finally been able to start up again at about the same speed, which means that the collaboration can be resumed.

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