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Digital food waste inspiration: how can we be better in our work to reduce food waste?

Form: digital via Teams
Target group: chefs and meal assistants
Time: 1.5h

Digital food waste inspiration: how can we be better in our work to reduce food waste?

In order to reach global goals, we need to review our work routines. How we handle foodstuffs and food is today crucial for both our businesses' finances and our climate. Our public restaurants have a great responsibility and part of the work is about communicating and making it easier for the guests to do the right thing. With the right service, we can make guests aware of how together we can act sustainably for a better environment.

At this training event, the participants gain knowledge about why we need to work with sustainable development, what the work contributes to, and inspiration on how you can make use of food and food waste. You will also receive concrete tips on how you can use digital tools to communicate with your guests and thus contribute content to the school's educational meals.

To reduce the climate impact of the school restaurants

● to increase the quality of the food
● to become better at making use of food
● to strengthen the chefs' role as agents of change for sustainable development

The following applies to digital lectures:
● Requirements that participants have a computer and internet connection.
● If the participants group up and take part in the lecture together, arrange it so that everyone can hear and see well.
● Feel free to prepare coffee for the lecture so that the participants feel alert.
● Have paper and a pen handy for taking notes.
● Feel free to prepare and ask questions to the lecturer via the chat in the digital forum we use

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