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The city of Mölndal signs an agreement with Generation Waste - Starting to grow in 25 school kitchens

On February 3, the city of Mölndal chose to start a test period with Generation Waste to follow up on its commitment in Climate 2030 - Västra Götaland is changing. Now, three months later, they choose to realize the collaboration by signing an agreement which means that they will start weighing their food waste in a total of 25 school kitchens.

The city of Mölndal signs an agreement with Generation Waste - Starting to grow in 25 school kitchens

The collaboration between the city of Mölndal and Generation Waste is based on the fact that Mölndal undertook climate pledge 12 in Climate 2030 - Västra Götaland restructures, which means reducing food waste to a maximum of 45g/portion. The hopes when the city of Mölndal started testing the Generation Waste measurement tool were that it would be easy to work in. Now after three months, the hope has come true.

The perception we have received is that it is a very easy system to work in, easy to understand and easy to carry out the task in. A big advantage is also that Generation Waste staff are always close at hand, says Ulrika Andersson, Coordinator - Meals, Service Administration, The city of Mölndal.

For Generation Waste, simplicity is key when it comes to weighing food waste and something they know the customer values highly.

We are well aware that lack of time is usually the most common reason why people choose not to register their food waste. That's why it's important to us that our measurement tool is as simple as possible to work with, says Daniel Oddhammar, CEO at Generation Waste.

Food waste reports and signs for increased commitment.
Measuring food waste is a prerequisite to being able to demonstrate reduction. But in order to further increase involvement, Generation Waste has now started sending out food waste reports every month and also put up signs outside the canteens to increase involvement among children and educators.

-In the report we compare, among other things, the food waste in the previous month with the current month. We have also been out and put up signs to engage children and educators in the work. We look forward to helping Mölndal reach Climate Promise 12, says Daniel Oddhammar

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