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Generation Waste begins cooperation with Bollebygd municipality

For some time now, it has been in Generation Waste's interest to start collaborating with school kitchens in public activities. This is because school kitchens account for a large part of the food waste that occurs in Sweden.

Generation Waste begins cooperation with Bollebygd municipality

Bollebygds municipality, with Bollebygdsskolan's kitchen at the forefront, will be the first municipality to test the Generation Waste measuring tool. A start to something that Daniel Oddhammar hopes will be able to make waves on the water.

- It pleases me to see that Bollebygd municipality dares to take a step, which many other municipalities do not. We will now work hard to bring about a change and reduce food waste in Bollebygdskolan's school kitchen. Hopefully, it will create ripples in the water and open the eyes for other municipalities to follow suit.

The digital measurement tool offered by Generation Waste will make it possible for Bollebygd municipality to get a clear overview of how much food is thrown away in total.

-We have had the routine of measuring our total food waste twice a year and also participated in the Swedish Food Agency's national survey. However, I have understood that a success factor is to measure continuously. This has been difficult to implement without a tool, says Therese Lindh, Bollebygd municipality.

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