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UHPO begins collaboration with Generation Waste

We are pleased to announce that we are starting a new collaboration with UHPO Purchasing Support.

UHPO begins collaboration with Generation Waste

UHPO InköpsSupport, a part of Visma Advantage, offers favorable procurement agreements with around 60 quality- and environmentally-certified suppliers. The majority of UHPO's members operate large-scale kitchens. Thanks to UHPO's substantial collective purchasing volumes, they can drive down prices and negotiate excellent terms for their members. UHPO actively works to assist its members in making more sustainable purchases and straightforwardly reducing their procurement costs.

There is a significant need among UHPO's members to work more systematically in reducing their food waste. Generation Waste provides both training and a smart digital tool to support this effort. Through UHPO's agreement with Generation Waste, members who choose to use Generation Waste's digital tool to reduce food waste will receive a discount on the monthly fee.

🚀 As a UHPO customer, you will receive a discount on the setup cost and monthly license fee for the digital measuring tool.

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