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We welcome andhotel to our family!

Now you have one more reason to be at andhotel!

We welcome andhotel to our family!

Good food can be a good reason to stay in a hotel. At andhotel, you will always find something good on the menu. Now you have another reason to be at the andhotel! andhotel begins collaboration with Generation Waste to reduce food waste and thrive for sustainability.

Today we welcome andhotel to our family.

andhotel city hotel in the middle of Stockholm, by Hötorget, on a small side street called Apelbergsgatan. They have built a hotel concept that has adapted to urbanization, where the inner city is becoming more crowded and the surfaces are fewer.

'' Since we only recently started up with Generation waste, I don't have much to look back on. But I am very satisfied with the one that has been so far,'' says Raymond Almert| Sleepingfox Hotel Group.

Through the collaboration with Generation Waste, the andhotel hopes to get a better overview of how much food is wasted daily in their restaurants. They hope, with the help of the statistics generated by Generation Waste, to be able to reduce their food waste and increase the awareness of their employees and guests.

We thank andhotel for choosing Generation Waste to reduce food waste in their kitchen and to work more sustainably.

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