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Sustainable leadership
- lecture and workshops

120 min


An essential factor in achieving this goal is sustainable leadership, which provides the best conditions for driving the business forward, benefiting both the organization's results and employee well-being.

To succeed in sustainability efforts at an operational level, knowledgeable and supportive leadership is crucial. To meet global goals, we need to review our work routines, as it may be necessary to think and act differently from what we've been accustomed to. Today, how we handle food and food waste significantly impacts both our businesses' finances and our climate. Public and commercial restaurants and their managers bear a significant responsibility.

We offer insights into how operational work can be aligned with Agenda 2030's global goal 12. We inspire you on how to increase participation and employee responsibility, and we provide tools for streamlining and digitizing your food waste management.


Lectures and workshops. The training can be conducted on-site or digitally via Teams.


To reduce the climate impact of public restaurants.


  • Increase employee responsibility.

  • Boost participation within the work team.

  • Improve food waste utilization.

  • Strengthen the roles of leaders and chefs as agents of change for sustainable development.

In a digital lecture, the following applies:

  • Participants must have a computer and internet connection.

  • If participants gather and attend the lecture together, ensure that everyone can hear and see clearly.

  • Consider preparing coffee for the lecture.

  • Have paper and a pen ready for note-taking.

  • Please prepare and ask questions to the lecturer via the chat in the digital forum we use.


Lina Andersson Fasth

Lina serves as the Head of Courses at Generation Waste. She was among the first "Måltidspedagoger" in Sweden and holds a teaching degree for restaurant education at the high school level.

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Lina Andersson Fasth
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