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Climate-smart cooking training in the green kitchen

Form: practical cooking training
Target group: chefs and meal assistants

Climate-smart cooking training in the green kitchen

An inspiring cooking course where you get to immerse yourself in the vegetarian kitchen. Our ambition is to raise the level of the vegetarian and vegan range in both private and public restaurant operations. We offer knowledge in modern and smart gastronomy. With your newly acquired knowledge in the green kitchen, your business will be both climate-smart and profitable.

We teach tips and tricks to enhance the flavors even when the price situation is under pressure. In this training, your kitchen staff will learn how to cook delicious vegetarian food and how to easily replace the meat on the plate.

To reduce the climate impact of school restaurants and increase the quality of the food

● learn to cook vegetarian and vegan dishes
● increase knowledge of nutrition in the green kitchen
● strengthen the chefs' role as agents of change for sustainable development

The right conditions for a good education
We send a shopping list and utensil list in good time.

For the training, we need:
● a larger restaurant kitchen with workbenches for all participants
● the opportunity to show a presentation in a dining room/ classroom/ conference room
● access to coffee and fruit/ sandwiches at the beginning of the day and during the afternoon

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