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Digital measurement tool

With our digital measurement tool, you can easily take control of your food waste and increase your profitability. Through our inspiring lectures, we raise awareness and give tips on how raw materials can be used to reduce waste.

Easy registration of food waste

From our own experience, we have discovered that food waste normally decreases as soon as you start weighing and recording it daily. This is largely due to raising awareness among staff.


Our customers register their food waste with our measurement tool in three different categories: kitchen waste, serving waste, and plate waste. By dividing the food waste into these fractions, you can find out where the food waste occurs and thus be able to take specific measures to reduce food waste.


Our measurement tool converts food waste into money and thus gives a clear figure of how much money ends up in the bin. Registration is done easily and quickly using an iPad or smartphone inside the kitchen by the chefs.


A clear overview directly in our app

In our web portal, both chefs and administrators can view the statistics on food waste. The number of guests for each day is also recorded. This allows producing key figures that show how many grams each guest throws away on average and how much it costs in Kroner and ören.


Weighing and recording food waste is important to take control of, but it is just as important to educate and inspire. Click the button below to read more about how we inspire and train chefs in sustainable cooking.

Use of statistics

The overall goal of the statistics is to serve as a basis to improve the measures for reducing food waste, but the statistics have more uses than that.


The precise statistics produced with our measurement tool can be used as a basis for politicians, environmental strategists, and procurers to demonstrate improvement measures and speed up initiatives that benefit the climate.


The modern customer is aware of and appreciates restaurants that are transparent in their daily work. By showing accurate statistics on how much food you throw away, you not only encourage the guest to waste less, but you also create increased trust and a sense of participation.

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