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Generation Waste offers the market's simplest measurement tool for food waste. However, to reduce food waste, it's also necessary to know where it occurs and to have the knowledge of how to reduce it. Therefore, we have developed the market's most well-designed training programs on how to approach and think about food waste.

Generation Waste is continually seeking skilled resellers who can assist in reaching out to businesses with our message. Together, we can make a difference.

As a reseller for GW, you will receive:

  • Access to measurement tools, apps, and the web

  • Comprehensive training

  • Necessary sales materials

  • Exposure on GW's website and social media platforms

  • Access to exclusive offers and discounts

  • Offerings of a current product

  • A product that helps customers save money

  • Involvement in the sustainability industry

Do you wish to become our next reseller and contribute to this journey towards a more sustainable future? Feel free to contact us HERE without hesitation!


Evin Consulting begins collaboration with Generation Waste

We are pleased to announce that Evin Consulting AB is starting a collaboration with Generation Waste.

Evin Consulting inleder samarbete med Generation Waste.

Vi har glädjen att berätta att Evin Consulting AB inleder samarbete med Generation Waste.

Martin & Servera begins collaboration with Generation Waste

"We are initiating a new collaboration with Sweden's leading restaurant wholesaler."

Placeholder Image

Martin & Servera inleder samarbete med Generation Waste

Vi inleder ett nytt samarbete med Sveriges ledande restauranggrossist.

Menigo begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Generation Waste initiates a collaboration with one of Sweden's leading restaurant wholesalers.

Menigo inleder samarbete med Generation Waste

Generation Waste inleder samarbete med en av Sveriges ledande restauranggrossist

Norska inköpsorganisationen Nores inleder samarbete med Generation Waste

För oss innebär samarbetet att vi nu kan nå en ännu bredare marknad och kan göra ännu större skillnad.

Svenska Krögare begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Svenska Krögare aims to integrate sustainability into its daily operations. Svenska Krögare's sustainability tip is that every sustainable action counts and is important.

Svenska Krögare inleder samarbete med Generation Waste

Svenska Krögare strävar efter att integrera hållbarhet i sin dagliga verksamhet. Svenska Krögares hållbarhetstips är att varje hållbar handling räknas och är viktig.

The Norwegian purchasing organization Nores initiates a collaboration with Generation Waste."

For us, this collaboration means that we can now reach an even broader market and make an even greater impact.

Vill du bli partner? Hör av dig!

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