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Meet our new investor: Sätila Impact Investment AB

Sätila Impact Investment AB (SVB) invests in entrepreneurs who are driven to change the world for the better through good and profitable ideas that can have an impact on a large scale. Sätila Impact Investment is particularly interested in future food and agriculture, animal ethics, water and sanitation, and energy.

Sätila Impact Investment AB started in 2008 and is a subsidiary of Sätila Holding AB. The interest in social issues, on the other hand, was awakened much earlier by Lennart Grebelius, who is the sole owner. Sätila Holding has its roots in the textile company Sätila of Sweden, which was founded in 1896 by Johannes Nilsson from Sätila, a small village in Västra Götaland. In 2019, Jessica Nauckhoff was recruited to the position of CEO of Sätila Impact Investment. Jessica has a long and diverse background where values-driven leadership, sustainability, and business development have been the focus.

"For us, of course, it feels urgent to attack food waste, which today is a major weakness in our complex food system. Generation Waste has a solution that can increase profitability for restaurateurs and commercial kitchens while creating awareness around food waste. One kg less food waste is an important saving for both the environment and the wallet. Sätila Holding has tenants who run a restaurant and sees that there is a great deal of interest in sustainability. We believe Generation Waste has great potential to offer its solutions to more people. We think it's extra fun with the investment made towards commercial kitchens because it can also create awareness for school students. It is usually through our children that we change our environmental and safety behavior and then we can influence them in more ways (e.g. seat belts, smoking, litter, consumption, meat-eating, etc.).

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