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Meet our new investor: Mats Rofors

Mats Rofors comes from previous assignments as CEO of Sweden Hotels and restaurant director at Gothia Towers. Today he runs his own consulting company and sits as chairman of the board of Lindvallens Restauranger and Ersson Holding AB. Now he can also proudly call himself an investor in Generation Waste. He has a strong belief that Generation Waste has a bright future, but it is also for personal reasons that he chose to become an investor.

Tell us a little about your background, Mats.

I have been active in Hotels & Restaurants my entire working life, with a detour to the real estate industry. Since then, I have also been restaurant director at Gothia Towers & the Swedish Fair for 10 years, as well as CEO of Sweden Hotels.

Why have you chosen to become an investor in Generation Waste?

I have known Daniel Oddhammar for many years and have solid trust in him and his genuine commitment to both food and the management of the earth's resources. I want to contribute with what I can so that children and grandchildren have a sustainable future.

Where do you think Generation Waste will be in 10 years?

Within 5 years, I believe that they will be on the Nordic market, and within 10 years on the European market.

What is your role on the Board and how will your expertise be used in the boardroom?

I have good knowledge of customers' behavior and needs. I translate that into the customized supply Generation Waste needs now and in the future. It is a piece of the puzzle to add to the other skills the board members possess.

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