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Meet our investors: GU Ventures

GU Ventures is one of the world's top 20 leading university incubators and has developed, supported, and invested in more than 220 startups. Generation Waste has partnered with GU Ventures since 2018.

Generation Waste has collaborated with GU Ventures since 2018., "we first met Sofia Ström outside at Drivhuset in Gamlestan when we pitched our idea. Sofia Ström works as a business developer and sustainability manager at GU Ventures and in her role she helps build companies that have new innovative ideas, a connection to the University of Gothenburg, and that focus on the UN's global goals," says the CEO: Daniel Oddhammar.

"That Sandra Samuelsson's research from GU can be put to use and her knowledge contributes to Generation Waste is a prerequisite for GU Ventures' commitment. Generation Waste addresses a very large global problem with food waste, which has a large negative impact from a sustainability perspective. This together with the fact that Generation Waste is a good business where sustainability and business go hand in hand" made the choice easy, says Sofia Ström, Business Development Sustainability when she is asked why GU Ventures chose to become an investor in Generation Waste and for many years support the company's development.

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