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Harrys in Gothenburg Harrys in Gothenburg has for some time has reduced its raw material cost by 2%

Harrys in Gothenburg has for some time now had ambitions to develop its sustainability work and work more hands-on to make a difference. Therefore, at the beginning of 2019, they started a collaboration with Generation Waste. A year has passed and now the collaboration is paying off handsomely for Harry's, as they now announce that they have reduced their raw material cost by 2%.

We have changed our lunch menu with fewer dishes and have also made some adjustments to the evening menu. This has resulted in us reducing our raw material cost by approx. 2% in recent months, says Restaurant owner Björn Tagesson.

Generation Waste is very satisfied with Harry's sustainability work and believes that a reduced raw material cost is a common consequence if you use the measuring tool consistently.

- Reducing your raw material cost is a good example of how the statistics from our measurement tool can concretely help a restaurant become more profitable and climate-smart, says Generation Waste's CEO Daniel Oddhammar.

Often profitability and sustainability go hand in hand, and so also in this case. The reasonable question to ask then is why don't even more restaurants choose to act and change their approach to the food they cook and serve.

- Change is exhausting and often scary. To be able to change a restaurant's habits and way of thinking, it is necessary that everyone on the staff gets involved and works towards the same goal. This is something that Harry's in Gothenburg has succeeded phenomenally with. Their chefs are in the game and weigh the food waste every day, says Daniel Oddhammar.

Inspired by Harry's in Gothenburg, Harry's in Ljungby has now also chosen to jump on the bandwagon and started weighing its food waste. Now Daniel Oddhammar hopes that even more Harry's restaurants can start using the measurement tool.

- When more Harry's Restaurants connect to the system, you will also be able to compare results between the restaurants. Being able to encourage and compete against each other in reducing food waste can make a big difference.

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