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Generation Waste starts podcast - Wants to inspire change

For Generation Waste, the will to change has previously expressed itself through lectures on food waste and how it affects the climate. In these lectures, Daniel Oddhammar has usually been in focus. Now Generation Waste, through its newly started interview podcast, wants to highlight new voices - With the hope of inspiring people and companies to change.

Generation Waste is certainly not the first to start a podcast, not even a sustainability podcast. Despite this, Daniel Oddhammar hopes that their new podcast "A good example" will contribute something different. "It's not exactly a unique thought. Today, almost everyone has a podcast. Podcasts about sustainability and the environment also exist, but despite this, I still hope that our podcast can contribute something a little different" In the podcast, Generation Waste wants to highlight people and companies who in some way contribute by setting a good example for a better climate. The end goal is to inspire, and educate, but also make the listener take a step in the right direction. "I have a wide contact network with interesting people in both the restaurant industry and the sustainability industry. The idea is to invite these people to begin with. I hope those who listen will be as inspired as I have been, and maybe even open a door to change.” Food waste accounts for 25% of the global climate impact and in Sweden, we throw away approx. 1.3 million tonnes of food every year. The topic of food waste is, and will remain, a current topic "There is so much that concerns food waste that is swept under the rug. Food waste is an enormous problem that affects everyone. I think there is a great need to talk about it and hope that the podcast will become a path to this very thing" The podcast is called "A good example" and is still available on Acast, where the first episode is already out. In it, researcher Sandra Samuelsson from the University of Gothenburg is a guest. They talk about the history of milk packaging, the unsustainable use of the word sustainability, and her research trip to Australia.

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