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Comfort Hotel's collaboration with Generation Waste produces good results

- Reduced food waste by 30% in the last year.

A year and a half ago, Comfort Hotel Gothenburg began cooperation with Generation Waste. After a period of successful sustainability work to reduce food waste, the results show that Comfort Hotel's food waste has been reduced by as much as 30% in the past year.

- We will reduce by another 15% by next year, says Björn Gustavsson, sustainability manager at Comfort Hotel Gothenburg.

We are very proud of what we have achieved in the past year together with Comfort Hotel. This is an excellent example of how much you can reduce your food waste if the commitment and accuracy are there, says Daniel Oddhammar, CEO of Generation Waste.

For Comfort Hotel, which is part of Nordic Choice Hotels, the key to the large reduction in food waste has been to involve and engage both staff and guests. - Generation Waste's system has made everyone on the staff involved in the waste work and committed them to a more sustainable way of working. At the same time, statistics on our food waste have been presented to the guests, which has shown major changes regarding plate waste, says Björn Gustavsson, sustainability manager at Comfort Hotel.

- Talking about food waste and making the staff feel a sense of pride in actually working towards reduced food waste has meant that they, in turn, talk to the guests about food waste, which has meant that the amount of food thrown away from the guests' plates has been significantly reduced, says Björn Gustavsson.

By weighing and recording leftover food, statistics can then tell which points of improvement exist. Generation Waste's portal provides the restaurants with information on how much food was thrown away and how much it cost per portion, as well as how development is going. - For the system to work and provide as much information as possible to the restaurants, it is required that the staff in the kitchens are meticulous and register after each meal. Accuracy is a result of commitment, which Comfort Hotel has shown to great effect, and that is also why they have succeeded so well, says Daniel Oddhammar.

For Comfort Hotel, it's just a matter of continuing with the diligent sustainability work and continuing to present positive results together with Generation Waste. -?We have set the goal that we will reduce our food waste by another 15% next year and we are currently developing action plans for how we will succeed in this together, says Björn Gustavsson.

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