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Food waste inspiration: cookshop and lecture for more people

Form: workshop followed by a lecture for more people
Target group: chefs and meal attendants

Food waste inspiration: cookshop and lecture for more people

To reach global goals, restaurants and meal staff need to review their work routines. Today, how we handle foodstuffs and food is decisive for the finances of our businesses and our climate. With the right service, we can make guests aware of how together we can act sustainably for a better environment. But to succeed, knowledge, tools, and inspiration are needed.

Content: What is food waste, why do we need to work on reducing food waste, how
do we communicate to reduce food waste?

Kitchen inspirations - cookshop
Kitchen inspiration where Generations Waste holds food waste-inspired cookshops. Here we cook, waste-reducing dishes and food from leftovers. The kitchen staff are challenged, and allowed to ask questions, taste, and reflect.

The right conditions for a good education
We send a shopping list and utensils list in good time.

For the training, we need:
● a larger restaurant kitchen with a central kitchen bench from which we can demonstrate.
● possibility to show a presentation in a dining room/classroom/conference room
● access to coffee and fruit/sandwiches at the beginning of the day and during the afternoon
● support of a helper from your businesses. No direct prior knowledge is required

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