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Food waste in the grocery store

Food waste in stores is a concern that all food chains struggle with. This applies not least to the fruit and vegetable departments, where it is important to constantly offer a fresh selection that appeals to the customers. It is a balancing act between offering a large and varied assortment while some goods have short best-before dates. Successful work towards reduced food waste consists of different parts. By having clear routines, aware staff, and the ability to measure how much food is thrown away, food waste can be reduced over time.

In recent years, awareness has increased and several food chains are actively working to reduce food waste in stores, for example through reduced prices on goods with a short expiration date, packaging that increases the durability of the products, and collaborations with suppliers and charities. We at Generation Waste help you to work systematically with these issues - and to take the next step in your climate work.

Figures on food waste in stores

Statistics and figures on food waste in stores are an excellent decision-making basis that provides black-and-white information on which measures work, and areas where there is potential for improvement. Since wastage is recorded continuously, it is possible to draw conclusions about which interventions reduce wastage and vice versa. Through our collaborations, we have noticed that food waste is reduced when it is measured and recorded daily.

We have developed a measurement tool where the loss is registered via an iPad or smartphone. The follow-up takes place via a web portal where you can see the development in the short and long term. The system also has the option of producing relevant key figures for your store. Today's users mostly consist of staff who work in commercial kitchens in the hospitality industry and the municipality - but we are happy to discuss a specific, customized setup for your store. See our food measuring tool.

Train the staff

The staff's level of knowledge is a key factor when it comes to reducing food waste.  We will be happy to come out to you and give a lecture on how you can work with systematic change work to reduce waste.

Book us in for customized:

  • Training

  • Cooking classes

  • Diners

  • Workshops

  • Lectures

The above services can either be arranged on our premises (with over 20 seats) or we
come out to you.

Read more about our courses on food reduction.


Contact us for a collaboration

We have helped many businesses to switch up their sustainability work and reduce food waste.
Read more about our current collaborations on our page with customer cases.  Our customers consist of both
municipalities and private companies that want to contribute to a sustainable future (and at the same time increase profitability). Are you interested in a collaboration? Then don't hesitate to contact us, and we will tell you more about our services and what we can offer your business.

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