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Project management - to reduce food waste


60 min

Generation Waste has extensive experience in project management related to restaurant and meal development, with hands-on expertise gained through various assignments in both commercial and municipal restaurant operations. As a result, we can provide professional consultation and project management services to help reduce food waste. 


Do you require project management to reduce food waste?

Do you have an idea and a goal that you need support in achieving?

Let us conduct a preliminary study, create a process plan, and manage the project collaboratively with you. We'll map out the project, engaging key individuals in the process.

We'll gather data and establish milestones. We'll guide and monitor the project with continuous check-ins. Finally, we'll compile and report the results, potentially providing references for further investments.


Lina Andersson Fasth

Lina serves as the Head of Training at Generation Waste. She was among the first
"Måltidspedagoger" in Sweden and holds a teaching degree in restaurant education at the high
school level.

Lina Andersson Fasth
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