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Destination Gotland in new collaboration with Generation Waste.

We are pleased to announce that Destination Gotland is starting a collaboration with Generation Waste, in order to reduce its food waste and work in a more climate-smart and sustainable way.

Destination Gotland in new collaboration with Generation Waste.

By starting to measure its food waste on a daily basis, Destination Gotland hopes to further accelerate its sustainability work and reach the future goals they set.

Destination Gotland AB operates one of Europe's most modern traffic systems at sea. Destination Gotland is constantly working to make the journey between Gotland and the mainland more sustainable. As early as 2003, Destination Gotland was ISO-certified (9001 and 14001) and over the years the company has taken a number of measures to improve both the working climate and the world's climate - without, for the sake of it, reducing the ambition to offer world-class sea transport.

''As part of our sustainability work, we continuously try to reduce food waste on board. Now we want to accelerate that work further and have therefore chosen to collaborate with Generation Waste,'' says Adam Jacobsson, Marketing Manager, Destination Gotland.

Generation Waste helps restaurants and municipal kitchens achieve a behavioral change and reduce their food waste - for increased profitability and for a sustainable future.

Together we make a difference!

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