Gunnebo - "Making food waste visible in an educational way increases creativity"

At Gunnebo Castle, right between Lake Rådasjön and Stensjön in Mölndal, it is as if time has stood still - which it actually has in several senses.

Gunnebo - "Making food waste visible in an educational way increases creativity"

The castle with its associated coffee house and tavern has stood there since 1397 and is still standing. Because at Gunnebo castle you work with sustainability and you find your inspiration by looking back in time.

From the beginning, the vision was never to work climate-smart, but rather from the beginning the vision was to recreate a closed 18th-century facility. This led to them actually starting to farm as they did before and making use of the resources available on the farm.

- Our vision was never to work with the environment from the perspective we do today, but rather to recreate a closed 18th century facility. Then we found knowledge in this historical way of working and from that we have now created an almost entirely organic organization, says kitchen manager Patrik Severin.

Today, Gunnebo restaurant creates its entire menu based on what grows in the garden. It may sound decent to create your menu entirely based on what is in the garden, but no one said that the path to a sustainable society should be easy, not according to Patrik anyway.

- For us, it's about taking responsibility and for us this has become the obvious way to go. Then it's not simply creating a menu based on what's in the garden, it makes high demands on working creatively, says Patrik Severin