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The Norwegian purchasing organization Nores initiates a collaboration with Generation Waste

For us, this collaboration means that we can now reach an even broader market and make an even greater impact.

The Norwegian purchasing organization Nores initiates a collaboration with Generation Waste

Nores is a member-owned purchasing organization within the HoReCa market (hotels, restaurants, and catering) in Sweden and Norway. The recently initiated collaboration with Generation Waste means that Nores' Swedish members receive a 10% discount on Generation Waste's cloud service and starter package.

Nores has a clear sustainability agenda and sets requirements for its suppliers. They state the following on their website:

'Nores and our members continuously work on our sustainability efforts. We require all our suppliers and potential subcontractors to have an active environmental profile. Nores' environmental profile includes ongoing efforts to reduce waste, air pollution, energy consumption, and water consumption.

A collaboration that benefits everyone
Thanks to the partnership with Generation Waste, Nores can now offer its members the opportunity to further engage in sustainability efforts. This is achieved by using Generation Waste's measuring tool to start tracking food waste and, in the long run, reduce waste and save money.

Daniel Oddhammar, Founder and Head of Business development manager at Generation Waste, is proud of the collaboration and believes it will benefit everyone, including the climate.

''A significant portion of the profit often ends up in the trash, creating problems for both the environment and the economy. Being able to offer our services as a purchasing wholesaler will increase the value for both Nores' new and existing customers. We have developed an efficient measuring tool that, in the wake of the pandemic, will be needed in more hotels and restaurants in the future. I am convinced that this partnership agreement will benefit everyone."

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