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Welcome to Generation Waste - Magnus Naess

Magnus Naess is one of Sweden's most experienced vegan chefs and has extensive experience in education and cooking courses within public meals with a focus on vegetarian cooking and reducing food waste.

Magnus has worked with food since 1999 and is mostly vegetarian. When Magnus took over as head chef in 2012, he made the Global High School's all-vegetarian menu nationally known with the help of climate-smart food. Since 2015, he has also run the project "Vegolyftet" which, in addition to workshops and lectures, also includes Sweden's first and most complete cookbook in vegan food for commercial kitchens, "Vegolyftet- för storkök och skola", which was awarded Gourmand awards 2019.

Magnus thinks that there is a lot to be done to increase competence around the food issue and its importance for our common environment. He has long felt that we have seen our resources as infinite and it has been too cheap and easy to make mistakes. Sweden is often at the forefront of environmental issues, but we can do more, so much more. Above all, Magnus believes that food waste is a key issue for the future. We need to learn to take advantage of everything and also base our food system on future challenges, such as resource shortages and increasing energy and commodity prices.

When Magnus is asked why he wants to work for Generation Waste, he answers: "I feel that Generation Waste's values ​​resonate so well with my own." From my first contact with the gang behind Generation Waste, I was struck by the high energy and professional attitude, which made me want to be part of the team. At first, I had the honor of being at the helm of a beacon in vegetarian school food, but I saw that as time went by, the whole also includes food waste, and how our resources are de facto used in the best way. To now have the joy of working daily with the solution for the future feels like a favor.

Magnus will be responsible for sales and training with a focus on our public customers and he will be based out of the Generation Waste Stockholm office. With Magnus on the team, we will be able to sharpen our training to another level and, above all, be able to support our customers in an even better way in the future. During the autumn, we searched for a profile with Magnus's experience, so we are very happy about this recruitment, there is a great demand for climate-smart training in both the public and private sectors. Then Magnus' experience will be a great asset in our future development for the company.

Says CEO Daniel Oddhammar.

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