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Welcome to Generation Waste: Lina Andersson Fasth

Since the beginning of 2018, Lina has worked at RISE on various projects with the development of public meals. For three years, Lina was the project manager for a public health project that investigated the possibilities and conditions for scheduled meals in primary schools together with accompanying researchers at Örebro University. As a result, she wrote the Handbook of Scheduled Meals. During 2020-2021, she was acting head of operations for the School Food Academy and has also been involved in several projects within the Sustainable consumption and production unit with a focus on the environment, climate, and food.

Lina is a trained high school teacher for restaurant education and was one of Sweden's first meal educators. In 2018, she worked alongside her position at RISE as an educator at YRGO's master chef training (together with Daniel Oddhammar). Before that, Lina had a consulting firm and during various periods she worked as a restaurant teacher in both ASTAR and Gothenburg's adult education. She has a professional background as a chef and has worked for several years in both the restaurant industry and in municipal kitchens.

"As an adult in a changing society and as a parent of the next generation, it is difficult for me not to get involved and be aware of the climate issue. With a passion for food, it is impossible, in my opinion, not to take responsibility for the climate and the environment, and not least food waste, which is the first and most important step to a sustainable meal," says Lina, when she is asked Why does she think that is it important to work with climate issues and above all food waste issues.

"I have known Lina for many years and she is one of the best meal developers we have in Sweden. In an industry that cries out for trained personnel, competence, and sustainable development, we see Lina Andersson Fasth as a dream recruitment. Lina will be the training manager at Generation Waste and her experience in both private and public catering will contribute to a great development of skills among our customers. One of my mentors and role models in the cooking profession is also her father who taught me to use the ladle and to use EVERYTHING that was bought home for the kitchen! ”, says CEO: Daniel Oddhammar

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