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Welcome to Generation Waste: Alexander Kostovski

Alexander's background is mainly from the restaurant industry (about 17 years of which 9 has been a restaurateur) but has also run his own companies in the clothing industry, both pop-up shops and also distribution of clothes. During the last 8 years, he has had a role as an Account Manager at Openpos Sweden AB (Cash system & payment solutions for the restaurant industry).

Alex thinks it is important for all industries to work with climate issues when it turns out time and time again that changes are needed in society to take our resources. It is important to spread the understanding that if everyone contributes what they can, then together we will be able to make a big difference.

Alex sees Generation Waste as an extremely exciting company that is also right on time and thinks that the challenge ahead of us will be a fun journey to be part of. He also thinks that it feels good to work with something that also contributes to a positive change for society.

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