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Tips on how to reduce your food waste this Easter

In times like these, many choose not to go away to their loved ones to celebrate Easter Eve. Instead, perhaps you celebrate in a smaller crowd at home. No matter what, the classic Easter buffet is certainly on the agenda. Buffets are appreciated by most people, but unfortunately, often lead to a lot of food being left over and ultimately thrown away. To avoid this, the following tips may be good to take into account.

Planning is essential

Often when there is a buffet, it is counted carelessly, which leads to far too much food being made. If you plan well and calculate carefully how much food needs to be bought in, a lot is gained right from the start.

Diet the buffet

At a rich buffet table, the guest is often full after the first portion. Which in turn leads to more leftovers and unnecessary work. Therefore, try to reduce the table of dishes. To reduce the risk of food being thrown away the next day, you can make less of what is best freshly prepared and more of what is good the day after.

Ignore the buffet

A bold alternative is to break the buffet tradition altogether. Instead, offer a plate with 5 small classic dishes or spend your time putting a festive meal on a plate. Think outside the box!

Cool the food quickly

Be sure to clear the table of the leftover food as soon as the guests have finished eating. Store the leftovers in the fridge at 4 to 5 degrees.

Offer guests to take food home

Buy a couple of lunch boxes at the same time as you do your grocery shopping. Then portion out the leftover food in the boxes and offer guests to take home.

The old man's mess is made on Easter Sunday

Yes, the old man's mess is of course made the day after Easter Eve, it's a long time ago. Namely, it is made to be cooked with the leftovers that are usually left over from the Easter lunch.

Gobbler on leftovers from Easter Eve

Old man batter is not that complicated to make; you simply chop everything and mix it with sour cream, mayonnaise, herring spade, caviar, and dillion mustard. Then add black pepper and salt if necessary. Serve on a good having or crisp bread topped with a little dill.

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