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There is no time for secrets or pride

We at Generation Waste have a very broad perspective when we discuss the food waste problem: We publish waste tips on our social channels, participate in cook along and webinars, we discuss various topics related to food waste with researchers, farmers, and chefs in our podcast. But none of the above is actually what we essentially base our business on.

We can discuss the food waste problem for ages and give tips on how to smartly avoid food waste. But that is not where we will find the solution. The solution starts with measuring food waste, and that is also what Generation Waste's entire core business is based on - measuring food waste. We have the words of the Swedish Food Agency behind us: "The basis for reducing food waste is to start measuring. What is measured is also seen". It would just as well have been us who wrote these words. But instead, we take this quote, without shame, from the Swedish Food Agency.

Our idea is therefore not unique. However, we provide a measuring tool that could be said to be - A simple digital measuring tool that gives a clear picture of how much food is thrown away and what it costs in öre and kroner.

You should feel it in your stomach to throw away food

The amount of food waste that is thrown away in Sweden over the course of 1 year can fit in 23,000 trucks that line up between Gothenburg and Södertälje. It certainly hurts to realize that in Sweden we throw away so much food. But that's exactly the point.

These numbers will not necessarily prevent us from completely stopping food waste. But hopefully next time you won't carelessly scrape the food off the plate into the bin. The same applies when it comes to registering food waste in restaurants and public kitchens - Throwing away food should not be carefree.

Awareness and transparency

What is a change if you can't show it? - The simple answer is that it cannot then be seen as a change. You can talk about the fact that you don't throw away any food and that you are "in control of the situation". But if you can't show it in black and white, it remains just empty words. Don't get us wrong, it's not about blaming someone for throwing away food, quite the opposite.

It's about creating awareness and being transparent about how much food is wasted, both for staff and guests. Because the big food waste issue is not something we can solve ourselves. There is no time for secrets or pride, so once again we quote the Swedish Food Agency:

Together we reduce food waste! Together we can make a difference!

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