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The difference between food waste and food loss

What is food loss - and what is food waste?

Food waste consists of the "unnecessary" part of the food loss (see figure below). By that, it meant all food that could have been eaten or drunk if it had been handled in a better way. Things that we are not expected to eat, or certain kinds of offal do not count as food waste. It is to be regarded as "unavoidable" food loss.

What we consider to be food loss:

  • Eggshell

  • Bones from fish, chicken, and meat

  • Coffee sump

  • Earthy shell residues and roots from vegetables

  • Bones, skins, and vegetables strained out of different broths

What we consider to be food waste:

  • Leftover food from the buffet that cannot be served again

  • Cooked food in the fridge that has gone bad.

  • Leftover staff food

  • Frozen food

  • Food that has passed its use-by date

  • Dairy products that have soured

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