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Reduce waste from carrots!

What to do with wilted carrots?

A rubbery, bendable, soft carrot isn't bad for you, it's just less pleasant. Soft carrots are dehydrated carrots, so put them in cold water and they will be crispy, orange, and fresh again. Carrots with skin have a short shelf life and become soft quite quickly. Remove the blast and store the roots in a bag in the fridge, then they will last a long time!

Why does a carrot soften with a blast?

The root's most important job is to provide the plant, the shoot, with nutrients that it absorbs by sucking up water. The root, therefore, softens in just a few days if it cannot supply the root with moisture and nutrition. If you still want to use your soft carrots, put them in dishes where soft carrots fit: casseroles, soup, sauce, vegetable steaks, or stock.

Do we have to peel the carrots?

No, stop yourself with the potato peeler. It is close to the shell where many of the utilities sit. Considering the nutrition, it is, therefore, worth rinsing the carrots instead of peeling them. Interestingly, the body absorbs more antioxidants from cooked carrots compared to raw ones. This is because the texture softens and the nutrients become more readily available, just like with the sweet taste. If you are going to grate the carrots, it is recommended to peel the carrot, because the peel easily oxidizes when you grate it. Oxidation is completely harmless. It is simply the antioxidant beta-carotene found in the peel that turns brown in contact with the oxygen in the air.

If you still want to peel, make a tasty carrot powder from the remaining peel as we showed in a previous video.

PS slimy carrots should be avoided.

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