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Reduce food waste - make the freezer your best friend

Vegetables, fruit, dairy products, and eggs that sing at the last waltz often go straight into the bin. But it doesn't have to be that way. By using the freezer, you can extend the shelf life and give raw materials and food a longer life.

Almost all raw materials and food can be frozen. What you should keep in mind, however, is that not everything regains its original consistency when thawed. But this should not prevent you from freezing things that you usually throw away. One should instead think that the thawed food and raw materials get a new life - climate- smart food. And perhaps most importantly – that they are not thrown away.

Freeze cream

So much cream has been thrown away over the years because people didn't know that it can be frozen perfectly. You can either thaw the cream by throwing it in the microwave or let it stand for an hour before use. Cream that has been frozen cannot be whipped, as it often becomes watery when thawed. However, it is excellent for use in casseroles or other hot dishes.

Freeze vegetables

The same applies when it comes to vegetables: Vegetables can be frozen perfectly, as long as you use them in food that should be eaten hot. Thawed vegetables tend to lose their resilience when thawed.

Freeze vegetable blasts and spills

In restaurant kitchens, there is usually a stock that is simmering. The stock is constantly replenished with blasts, peels, and rinds by the chefs. At home, we don't have the opportunity to have a fund that is constantly simmering (however wonderful it would have been). Instead, we get to freeze the vegetable waste and make a tasty stock at a later date - Same thought, different approach.

Freeze cheese

When you freeze cheese, the taste does not change, but the texture may change. Most cheeses become crumbly and difficult to slice when thawed. That's why we recommend grating the cheese before freezing it. The cheese can then be used for tacos, and toast or as a flavor enhancer in other hot dishes.

Freeze cheese rinds

It is one of the rare things that a whole cheese is eaten. Most of the time, there is quite a lot of scum left, which usually goes straight into the bin. But it shouldn't be like that. Instead, you can freeze the rind and use in the gratin sauce or grate it on pizza.

Parmesan peels are usually advised to use parmesan oil. Put some peels in a glass oil bottle, fill it with oil and leave it in a dark, cool cupboard for a few days.

Freeze fruit

Do not throw away fruit that starts to lose color and become dull. Peel and slice and put them in a bag in the freezer instead! Then you can mix them into ice cream or smoothies. You can use the oranges to make orange juice, which is also great for freezing.

Freeze egg yolk and egg white

Freezing egg whites work great and are perfect to have on hand when you want to make your meringues. Freezing egg yolks also works well. They can be used for carbonara, omelet, or steak Rydberg. Unfortunately, freezing whole eggs as they are is not possible because the liquid in the eggs then expands. Instead, crack the eggs in a bowl and freeze them in small molds.

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