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Profitability and food shortages?

Long before the pandemic, in 2018, we experienced food shortages when a unique combination of drought in central and northern Europe and unusually wet conditions in southern Europe devastated large parts of production, remember?

Then came the pandemic and those who could or had no choice went home and pulled a blanket over themselves. Many of us saw the light when spring approached, restrictions were dropped and the world opened up again.

But despite a brighter everyday life, the pandemic blanket hangs over us. Now, sour and wet, it not least affects food prices. Compared to the 2018 drought, the price increase and food shortage are explained by more and other reasons.

High fuel costs, challenges in terms of logistics, increased electricity prices, two years of low domestic harvests, and, not least, the stoppage of exports from the world's fourth largest food and feed exporter, Europe's breadbasket, Ukraine. Because of this intractable tangle of causes, we must think about it, and make an effort. We must find solutions to better utilize and allocate our resources efficiently, economically, and smartly.

It is now high time to take real responsibility for our food!

What can we do?

400 researchers and experts believe that if we reduce the amount of food waste, we will better cope with the crisis that is at the door. Because, for example, the amount of wheat wasted in food waste in the EU alone is equivalent to about half of Ukraine's wheat exports.?

We at Generation Waste are experts in creating profitability by taking advantage of food waste and therefore want to help more people stand firm through this crisis.

What can you do?

1: Get in touch with us and we will train your staff to work cost-effectively with increased awareness. We know we can help you make a difference.

2: Connect to our measurement system and you have the tool to follow up and analyze the work results with your employees day by day, week by week.

3: Take responsibility for sustainable food handling and invest in a sustainable economy. By making use of the food you cook and serve, you contribute to a long chain of events in our complex food system.

We offer training and a well-proven measurement tool that all chefs can manage and develop their profitability with!?

Generation Waste works for reduced food waste and increased profitability within private and public hotels and restaurants!

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