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New participant and more info about the webinar "the circular kitchen"

Now on Tuesday 16/2, we at Generation Waste are organizing a webinar with the theme "The circular kitchen". Previously, the following people have been presented as participants in the webinar: Sebastian Pilups and Mikael Wallborg from the company Ipinium, Daniel Oddhammar from Generation Waste, and the award-winning chef and TV profile Tareq Taylor.

Now we can also happily introduce Jenny Håkansson, who is head of nutrition at the Health and Care Administration, Helsingborg Municipality. As nutrition manager, Jenny Håkansson has an insight into the public meal and will talk about current and future challenges in elderly care. Jenny Håkansson takes Sebastian Pilup's place in the Webinar.

More info about the webinar The webinar is for those who are active in public meals or the restaurant industry. In the webinar, we will talk about how, through new technology, we can create less waste, recycle more and at the same time save money. With a collective knowledge of waste work, recycling, and food tech, we hope to inspire change.

  • Mikael Wallborg from the company Ipinium will talk about the possibilities of recycling. He will also showcase Ipinium's kitchen products where the coating is made from recycled sheet metal.

  • Daniel Oddhammar from Generation Waste will talk about food waste - Why it occurs and how to reduce it.

  • Tareq Taylor will be responsible for the inspiration and the joy, but also the cooking. With Ipinium's environmentally friendly kitchen products, he will cook something for the rest of the group to taste.

  • Jenny Håkansson will talk about the challenges of elderly care within sustainable meals. She will also talk about how kitchen utensils made of recycled tin work in practice.

The webinar is 45 minutes long and you who participate will have the opportunity to ask your questions. Hope to see you

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