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Liseberg is expanding its collaboration with Generation Waste ahead of 2022.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind about Liseberg? A place for everyone to meet and enjoy together, right? Liseberg offers adventure, music, games, delicious food, and beautiful gardens during three seasons summer, Halloween, and Christmas. Liseberg was founded in 1923 and is located in the heart of Gothenburg. Each year, approximately 3 million guests visit Liseberg. There are 42 different attractions to offer its visitors and has 400 full-time employees and 2400 seasonal employees in Lisberg. Inside central Gothenburg, Liseberg operates the four-star Hotell Liseberg Heden and also Lisebergsbyn, with cottages, Bed & Breakfast, camping, and hostels. Liseberg is also open for conferences, kick-offs, and other types of corporate events all year round. There are also different kinds of restaurants with different themes inside the theme park. ''For Liseberg, good sustainability work is very important. We want to reduce food waste and train our staff and above all our guests. The digital system is very easy to use, which means that our staff works continuously with the app. Be easy to work with tools that provide an insight into achieved daily results on the unit in the present day,'' says Nico Schaak, Head of Restaurants Operations Liseberg & Rondo Show Theater when he is asked what a collaboration with Generation Waste should lead to and about the advantages of our digital systems in their restaurants/school kitchens. When Nico is asked what the key to good sustainability work is, he answers: ''Make sustainability work fun through various activities for the staff that is easy to understand. Very important in this work is to set reasonable and achievable goals. Have regular follow-ups with staff to maintain interest. During these follow-ups, you also have the opportunity to adjust the unit's objectives''. Before the season in 2022, 14 restaurants in Liseberg will undergo training on how they can reduce their food waste, the restaurants will also use the digital application Less Waste to register their food waste daily. We started our collaboration with Liseberg ahead of the 2019 season, trained, and started up our system in two restaurants. Two pieces of training were carried out and we got started quickly with our data collection thanks to the good commitment of the staff. We had to pause the system during the pandemic and were therefore very happy and tagged ahead of this year's season when we expanded the measurements at 4 restaurants. During the season, the chefs weighed and entered statistics every day at Köket, Bergs Bistro, Restaurang 1923, and The Green Room. Despite a tough summer with various restrictions, the chefs at Liseberg have made a fantastic effort and, after the end of the season, we can help Liseberg see what and how much food is thrown away per day and guest. We are very proud that Liseberg is satisfied with our collaboration and wants to expand the system to more units in 2022. It shows that Liseberg and the City of Gothenburg really take action and work actively every day towards Agenda 2030! Says the CEO of Generation Daniel Oddhammar "

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