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Generation Waste joins the Resvinn project.

Together with 43 other companies, Generation Waste will contribute to developing and streamlining redistribution systems for food waste in Sweden. The goal is for food that would otherwise end up in the bin to be used in restaurant kitchens where it is prepared.

The Resvinn project was started in November 2019 by Chalmers Industriteknik. The seed was sown after a supply and logistics analysis pointed out that the surplus of finished goods at the producer and wholesale level in Sweden reaches 11,251 tonnes of food. At the same time, the analysis showed that the leftover food could be redistributed with the right kind of skills and collaboration. Kristina Liljestrand at Chalmers industrial technology together with the company Vinnova brought together 43 different companies to start the project.

Now comes Generation Waste with the hope of, through its measurement tool, producing data on how much of the donated food from wholesalers and retailers can be redistributed.

"If we don't know how much is thrown away, it's difficult to act"

A big problem when it comes to food waste is precisely the ignorance about how much is thrown away and how much could be reused, says Daniel Oddhammar, CEO at Generation Waste.

"A big problem, especially at the wholesale level, has turned out to be the lack of data. If we don't know how much is wasted, it's hard to act"

Daniel Oddhammar is looking forward to the collaboration and hopes to be able to start as soon as the summer is over.

"We see this as an opportunity to help with what we are passionate about, namely reducing food waste. Hopefully, we will start one or more test pilots during the month of August / September."

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