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Climate-smart meal

The World Wide Fund for Nature has put together a guide for you who want to make good choices in the grocery store. The guide also gives you a clear picture of how green your current eating habits are. Their guidance is laid out according to a "traffic light system". The 70 vegetables included in the compilation are divided into four categories: Eat preferably, Eat with pleasure, Eat sometimes and Be careful . Read more in the World Wide Fund for Nature's Vegoguide .

You can also check out the World Wide Fund for Nature's One Planet Plate initiative, which gives you tips on sustainable meals, and how you can eat within the limits of the planet. They have developed a weekly schedule of climate-smart meals that can be prepared at home. Come to One Planet Plate meal planning.

How can food waste be reduced? We at Generation Waste have noticed through our own experience that food waste is reduced when the waste is weighed and recorded. By receiving daily figures on food waste, the awareness of the staff increases. Statistics are an excellent basis for decision-making. Read more about how our measurement tool helps you measure food and food waste. The measurement tool then converts the food that is thrown away into money. We have also put together an article for you who want to reduce your ecological footprint.

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