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Big congratulations to head chef Filip Gemzell!

The first winner of the Swedish Chef Award in Gastronomic Sustainability was presented during an award ceremony at the Grand Hotel on Tuesday, October 25. The lucky prize winner Filip Gemzell is the head chef at Restaurant ÄNG, Ästad Vingård in Tvååker. The jury included world-class chefs and a sommelier. The award ceremony, which was carried out by the masters of the art of cooking Roland Persson and Peter Joon, CEO of Leksands Knäckebröd, was preceded by a seminar and a panel debate where sustainability, food, and the future were the starting points.

The purpose of the Swedish Chef Award in Gastronomic Sustainability is to draw attention to the importance of sustainable development and research in the restaurant industry by appointing and celebrating the chef who best practices this in their professional practice. The award focuses on how crucial sustainable development is for the future, from both a national and global perspective. The goal is also to increase curiosity and interest in this core issue on a broad front and to emphasize how important the meal is in social terms and for our local and international hospitality industry.

The criteria for selecting winners are as follows:

• A professional chef who has demonstrated excellent gastronomic results in private or public restaurant operations.

• The awardee must work with a clear sustainability perspective from an ecological, social and economic point of view.

• Has used scientific facts regarding sustainability in his cooking.

• Inspires guests and colleagues with his action in sustainability, taste experience, and hospitality.

• Reduces the use of plastics and works with sustainable supplier choices.

• Reduces wastage of raw materials and in-served food.

• The prize goes to an individual chef who is an employee, owner, or freelancer.

"Taste by Globe, which initiated the award, obtains information from roughly 20 organizations in the hospitality industry and various guides. We also take part in sustainability expertise from being partners," says Björn Johnson, business developer at Taste by Globe.

As a finale to the jury's work, the final decision was made to appoint this year's award winner of the Swedish Chef Award in Gastronomic Sustainability. Participants in the jury were Thomas Sjögren, Roland Persson, Håkan Thörnström, and Mischa Billing. The jury also had Anna Anderberg, sustainability manager at Carlsberg Sweden, as support in sustainability issues.

Thomas Sjögren, according to DI right now number one at the top of the pubs with restaurant Signum. Chef of the year 2015. Winner of the Chefs' Battle 2018. Also runs several restaurants in Smögen, Fjällbacka, and Gothenburg.

Roland Persson, senior world chef. Chef of the year 1990. National chef team for eight years. Has received several international awards. Head chef for the French dining room at the Grand Hotel 1990-2006. Has written several cookbooks. (Coincidentally, the award ceremony coincided with Roland's birthday.)

Håkan Thörnström, a star at his restaurant for 10 years. Has been responsible for the Nobel dinner. Cookbook author. Several international assignments in the service of Gastronomy. Now runs Thörnströms in Gothenburg.

Mischa Billing, sommelier. Lecturer in meal science at Örebro University. Nasologist. In addition to being an expert on wine and food, Mischa has written a book about how roses smell.

The day began with a seminar where the following prominent researchers talked about their results on the theme of sustainability, food, and the future:

  • Professor Helena Hansson, Swedish University of Agriculture, Department of Economics. Program Manager at Mistra Food Futures.

  • Doctor of Philosophy Malin Jonell, a researcher at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and Stockholm Resilience.

  • Docent Rebecka Milestad, Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Sustainable Development, Environmental Science and Technology.

  • Professor Robert Brummer, Örebro University, Department of Medical Sciences.

  • Professor Kristina Snuttan Sundell, University of Gothenburg, Department of Biology and Environmental Science, Director of SWEMARC, National Center for Marine Aquaculture and Blå mat - center for future seafood.

"The researchers' results conveyed deep knowledge about how things are with sustainability, food, and our future, exciting," says Björn Johnson.

In the subsequent panel debate on the theme of sustainability, food, and the future, the following people participated:

  • Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Senior Director Sustainability & ESG, Carlsberg Group.

  • Daniel Oddhammar, CEO of Generation Waste.

  • Sara Berger, Global CEO Sproud.

  • Karin Brynell, CEO Svensk Dagligvaruhandel.

  • Karl Andersson, CEO Matsmart.

  • Malin Bruset, CEO and founder GroGro.

  • Jörgen Jedbratt, Senior Partner Kairos Future.

  • Magnus Samuelsson, CEO True Performance

  • Åsa Domeij, sustainability manager Axfood

During the evening, the winner of the Influencer of the Year Sustainable Food award was also presented. The following were nominated: Jessica @matigaste, Evelina and Emmy, and Sabina @dinetowine. The voting took place on social media and the winners of the award were Evelina & Emmy. Congratulations!

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