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A step towards securing the right nutrition in the future food system?

Generation Waste took part in AGFO's latest breakfast event in Stockholm. Here you get a summary of what we picked up!

We met at Gröna närningslivets (LRF) for scouting with Anders Engström and Anna Björnstad from AGFO on the theme "How to secure the right nutrition in the future food system?".

Not an easy question to solve in a short time, but the panel of experts consisting of Emma Patterson ( Food Agency ), Inger-Cecilia Mayer Labba ( Chalmers University of Technology ), Anki Sundin ( LRF Milk ), and Isabelle Falck ( Food for Progress ), did their best to give a picture of the future of plant-based food, as well as its problems and challenges.

From a vegan diet to a flexitarian diet.

In short, the panel could state that after a long upward trend, the honeymoon with plant-based is now over and the food industry must look more soberly at nutrient density.

Bioavailability, i.e. the ability of nutrients to be taken up by the body, was a topic that was raised and we take our hats off to this for finally being discussed. Antinutrients in many of the "new proteins" is an issue that, in connection with this issue, must be tackled then e.g. phytic acid from mainly legumes prevents the absorption of minerals, mainly iron and zinc.

More research is needed to find solutions, but also an understanding of how we need to change our eating habits towards a much more environmentally oriented diet without risking public health.

How should we approach a plant-based diet?

Now it sounds like the panel was negative about the transition to more plant-based, but that was not the case, on the contrary, "More green on the plate" was a recurring argument, as well as reduced intake of animals in connection with it. Emma Patterson from the Swedish Food Agency also mentions several times that reduced food waste is one of the keys to the food system of the future, this is unavoidable regardless of whether you will eat completely plant-based or more "flexitarian".

In addition, we received a very interesting trend scouting with Anders Engström about the situation right now on the subject of plant-based products.

We at Generation Waste not only fight for reduced food waste but are also passionate about ensuring that everyone gets good, nutritious food, so today's scouting was very useful for food!

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