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Tortilla noodles

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Sometimes we bake our tortilla bread, but most of the time we do like many of you and buy ready-made. Regardless, there is value in making use of and handling our food scraps in the right way.
Together we can reduce our food waste, together we create good meals and better conditions for the next generation!


  • Tortillas

  • Asian sauce

  • Vegetables

  • Garlic


  1. Roll up the tortillas

  2. Cut them into noodle-thick pieces

  3. Quickly dip them upside down in boiling water.

  4. Mix the noodles with a good Asian sauce. Try mixing soy, ginger, lime, chili, sesame oil, and fish sauce, or use what you usually stir-fry your noodles with.

  5. Stir-fry the vegetables with garlic and some more good Asian flavor carriers.

  6. Then mix noodles and vegetables.

  7. If you cook this at home, you can do everything in the same wok. But do you prepare a larger quantity of noodles and vegetables as we do here, separately?

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