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Reduce food waste

The path towards wasting food does not happen by itself, regardless of whether it is to reduce food waste in shops, at schools, at hotels, at home, or in one's business. To reduce food waste, you first need to make an active choice. 

Reduce food waste at home 

When you have made an active choice to reduce waste, there are lots of tips to take advantage of. Here are some: 

  • Planning is essential - We are often stressed when shopping. Take 1 minute to check what you have at home before you go shopping. 

  • Lower the temperature in the fridge - A good tip to make food last longer is to lower the temperature in the fridge to 6 degrees. This means that raw materials last a little longer. 

  • Make the freezer your best friend – Freeze the whipped cream, the cheese rind, and the leftover portion of pasta. One would almost like to say that everything can be frozen. READ MORE  

  • Avoid peeling root vegetables - The skin of potatoes, carrots, or other root vegetables contains lots of flavor and nutrition. If you still want to peel, the peel can always be deep-fried or baked. Then the shell becomes chips, perfect for a Friday treat or to add a little crunch to food. 

Follow us on our social media for additional tips on what you can do to reduce food waste. There you will also get more tips with a focus on the environment (for example, eating a lot of climate-smart food). 


Reduce food waste in restaurants and commercial kitchens 

We at Generation Waste are experts when it comes to reducing food waste in restaurants and commercial kitchens and know that the first step to reducing food waste is to start measuring it. This is to create increased awareness in the organization but also to chart the wastage and thus be able to act appropriately to achieve a reduction. 

"The basis for reducing food waste is to start measuring. What is measured is also visible" - The Swedish Food Agency. 

We at Generation Waste work in three different segments to achieve increased awareness and, eventually, a change. 

  1. Through our measurement tool, you can measure food, which increases awareness among staff and guests. 

  2. With our education in food, we go through sustainable cooking and how you can reduce food waste. 

  3. With our communication material, we help our guests to be on the journey towards reduced food waste. 

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