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Interest in GW's application for measuring food waste is increasing - cooperation with two more municipalities begins

In August, Hallstahammars and Tanum municipalities will start using Generation Waste's measurement tool. - I like the concept and layout of the platform, with its simplicity. We fell for Generation Waste's vision of reducing food waste and contributing to a more sustainable climate, says Elisabeth Hallgren, meal manager in Hallstahammar municipality

Interest in GW's application for measuring food waste is increasing - cooperation with two more municipalities begins

Since Generation Waste's measuring tool was implemented in 4 kitchens in Bollebygd municipality in October 2020, a further 35 public kitchens have started using Generation Waste's measuring tool. The success, Daniel Oddhammar believes, is due to the simplicity of the measuring tool and Generation Waste's approach to the problem of food waste.

- With our easy-to-use measurement tool, the step to start measuring your food waste on a daily basis is not as big as it might otherwise be. We want to raise the problem of food waste with a positive attitude and make the measurement something inclusive and fun among the chefs, says Daniel Oddhammar.

By starting to measure their food waste on a daily basis, Hallstahammar hopes to reach new heights with their sustainability work and reach the future goals they set.

- We hope that we will succeed a little better on our already good results and get better control over the whole, also when it comes to kitchen waste. We have a goal by 2030 to reduce food waste by 40% in schools and preschools, says Elisabeth Hallgren.

"Staff can never have too much training and inspiration"

Generation Waste is constantly working to produce educational and inspirational webinars aimed at chefs and restaurant staff with the aim of providing concrete tools to reduce food waste.

- I look forward to taking part in the training offered by Generation Waste. It is good to get input from many different quarters and from different companies. The staff can never have too much training and inspiration, says Elisabeth Hallgren.

Hallstahammar's municipality will measure in 2 cooking kitchens with start-up in connection with the start of the semester week 33. Tanum's municipality will measure in 3 cooking kitchens and 1 reception kitchen starting in August.

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