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Camp Ripan begins collaboration with Generation Waste

An oasis in an expansive city, the mix of people, cultures and interests with an exciting international and choice-free atmosphere, a hotel, but an unusual one In Kiruna- Camp Ripan.

Camp Ripan begins collaboration with Generation Waste

Environmental awareness is always present with Camp Ripan in the daily operation, they constantly work to minimize negative environmental impact. Consideration for the environment reflects choices when Camp Ripan selects suppliers and ingredients for the restaurant as well as when decorating the facility and choosing cleaning products.

''Our facility is in a completely unique environment that we want to preserve for many generations to come. We therefore work hard to protect it. We have one of Sweden's most energy efficient kitchens and all our food waste turns into soil in our compost machine. Now we also want to work on reducing food waste, and Generation Waste had a great solution where we can link reduced food waste with reduced costs, which was perfect for us,'' says Jana Stridfeldt Bjuhr, Quality and Sustainability coordinator, Camp Ripan.

We are so excited to work with Camp Ripan and to be a part of their sustainability work. Together we reduce food waste and make a difference!

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