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Food waste at restaurants

Food waste in restaurants is something that gives many restaurateurs a headache. It is a challenge, to say the least, to always have enough food prepared – not too much and not too little. Both the wallet and the environment win by reducing food waste. We at Generation Waste help restaurants work systematically towards reducing food waste, which leads to lower costs. 

Get figures on wastage at the restaurant 

Generation Waste gives restaurants insight into what food waste looks like in their organization by putting numbers on food waste. It is much easier to make well-thought-out decisions when there is a basis to go by, than to base the decisions on gut feeling. 

By using our measurement tool, restaurants can measure food.

Through a simple registration of food waste, you find out exactly how much food is thrown away and from which of the following three categories the waste arises. 

  • Kitchen waste 

  • Serving waste 

  • Plate waste 

Our measurement tool then converts the food waste into money. It is therefore an effective way to find out what costs are involved - and a good first step towards making decisions that reduce waste. The figures are then available in our web portal where you can view the number of guests at the restaurant for the day, week, or month and how much food waste has occurred. 

Read more about our measurement tool.

Reduce food waste in your daily work

A key when it comes to successful sustainability work is that everyone in the organization understands how they can reduce food waste in their daily work. At Generation Waste, we hold training courses for restaurant staff. Our training plan includes, among other things: 

  • Menu planning 

  • Purchase 

  • Residue management 

  • Weighing 

In total, the training contains 10 points that have given proven results. The City of Gothenburg has used our points and succeeded in reducing food waste by half in two years. We also offer tailored training, courses, and dinners that make your organization more climate smart. Do not hesitate to hear from us, and we will find a suitable solution based on your needs. 

Read more about our courses on food waste reduction.

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