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Food waste in school

Food waste at school is a big problem, but it is possible to reduce the numbers significantly through systematic work. We at Generation Waste help you with that. 

Continuous measurements of food waste at schools 

A method that has proven successful in reducing food waste is to measure waste continuously. Then the school kitchen finds out exactly how much food is wasted every day, week, month, and year. We at Generation Waste have developed a user-friendly measurement tool where food waste is easily weighed and recorded. Thanks to that, you can easily deduce where food waste occurs and, with support from us, find a solution on how to reduce it. 

From the measurement tool, you create reports, which enable comparisons over time. We recommend putting up signs in the canteen that show how much food waste has been wasted. In this way, students and educators become involved in reducing food waste. The work in the dining hall can be advantageously combined with additional efforts in the classroom. 

Read more about our digital tool for measuring food. 

Let everyone be part of the change 

The chance of success with changes is greatest when everyone pulls in the same direction. A key factor is that everyone at the school is involved in what needs to be done, and why it is important to work on reducing food waste. We at Generation Waste will be happy to come and hold a training session at your school. We could tailor lectures according to your needs and can address either the students or other staff at the school. Of course, we can target both groups at the same time. 

In the training, we highlight the financial and environmental benefits of reducing food waste and how the school can work with these issues. 

Read more about our training / courses to reduce waste. 

Examples of schools we collaborate with


Academedia strove to move forward in its sustainability work and we at Generation Waste have had the desire to start measuring and recording food waste. That combination led to Vittraskolan in Stockholm starting to measure and follow up on its food waste and sustainability work in general.

Read more about the collaboration.


We at Generation Waste have been trusted to collaborate with Fridaskolan to achieve the UN's global sustainability goal 12.3. The sustainability goal is to halve food waste in the world, and Fridaskolan must achieve this by educating the students and keeping daily statistics on food waste.

Read more about the collaboration.

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